I love kids books.  I have amassed a pretty good collection over the years since even before having kids.  I’m glad I did too because here in Europe, books are so expensive! So, when I’m back in the States, I try to get them cheap from garage sales or thrift stores or library sales. Here are some of our children’s book collection.

As you can see, I color coordinate the books on the shelf.  

Interior designers have been doing this for years for aesthetic reasons but other than looking stylish, I do it for the kids.  This method gives the kids an easy way to put back the books in an organized way without having to know the Dewey Decimal system.  Also, when they need to find a book, they actually remember the binding color and know where to look. So much easier than alphabetizing!

Here are some other color coordinated bookshelves that look amazing!

Book shelf 1

from At Home In Love

Bookshelf 2

from House and Garden

bookshelf 3

from Porch
How do you organize your books? Would love to know!

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