Let Your Kids Be Bored / Deje que sus Hijos Sean Aburridos


We are in summer and there are plenty of days when I hear the kids say, “I’m bored!”  It’s tempting sometimes to immediately provide something for them to do or to fill their hours and minutes with activity.  Of course, that’s not a bad thing.  But sometimes, it’s good to let them use their brain and creativity to think of something themselves.


(Having a bug battle!/ Tener una batalla de insectos!)

At the kids school, they have a day-camp and during recess, there’s only balls, jump-ropes, chalk, and chessboards to play with.  At first, I thought, wow, that’s not a lot of things for them to do.  But then as I watched the kids talk and invent their own games and play creatively, I thought, this is great! There is something to letting kids be kids and possibly bored sometimes so they can entertain themselves.


(Creativity with chalk! / Creatividad con tizas!)

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Estamos en verano y hay un montón de días cuando escucho que dicen los niños, “Estoy aburrido!” Es tentador a veces para proporcionar de inmediato algo que hacer para ellos o para llenar sus horas y minutos con actividades. Por supuesto, eso no es una mala cosa. Pero a veces, es bueno para dejar que ellos usan su cerebro y creatividad para pensar en algo por sí mismos.

En la escuela los niños, tienen una campamento y durante el recreo, sólo hay pelotas, cuerdas de saltar, tiza y tableros de ajedrez para jugar. Al principio, pensé, wow, eso no es un montón de cosas que hacer para ellos. Pero entonces, mientras veía a los niños hablan y se inventan sus propios juegos y jugar creativamente, pensé, esto es genial! Hay algo de dejar que los niños sean niños y, posiblemente, a veces aburrido para que puedan entretenerse.

One comment on “Let Your Kids Be Bored / Deje que sus Hijos Sean Aburridos
  1. Sue says:

    Hi Y! I so agree with your latest post about letting kids be bored sometimes. Through the lens of rose colour it seems my boys were always able to amuse themselves, making stop go movies with their lego, giving Action Men replacement knees, dressing up and devising plays and so on. Of course we had colour telly but no mobiles and all the Smart stuff. When they were small we had so many jigsaw puzzles across an age range of 0 – 12 years old that it was a pain to sort them all out and bag separately so I just put the lot of them into a large plastic crate. When someone was in the mood it could take 4 hours to make them all and line them up along the hall for dad to see when he came home from work!

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