On our trip to Seattle this summer, Grama had extra tickets to the Seattle Aquarium! Yay for us! It’s not a very big aquarium but it was just enough to delight the kiddos!

What I love about the Seattle Aquarium:

  1. The volunteers and staff know their stuff! At every turn, their was a staff person or a volunteer who could answer all our questions.

2. The touch tide pool was pretty amazing! You could get a finger hug from a sea anenome or a sea urchin, touch the hard and sticky parts of a starfish, or make a sea worm go in and out of his little cave.

3. The puffin was fun to watch as you can see them grooming themselves outside of the water or swimming like fish underneath the water.

4. That day, the otters were especially feisty and were having a brawl. The kids loved it!

5.  Octopus, jellyfish, clown fish, and seals topped it off.

Now, if we didn’t get free tickets, they would be $22.95 for adult/$15.95 for kids. But look around for discounts like at the library or on the internet.

Go early so when you’re done, you can walk the boardwalk and go on the Seattle Great Wheel, a ferris wheel, but it will cost you $13 for adult and $8.50 for kids. My husbands afraid of heights so we didn’t go.

And don’t forget to get seafood in Seattle on the boardwalk. If you like crab, try the Crab Pot. It’s right around the corner from the Aquarium and they give you fun bibs to wear.

Have you been to the Seattle Aquarium and Boardwalk? Did you like it?

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