Our family has traveled to a lot of places. Some big and touristy. Some quaint and relaxing. So today, I bring to you our visit to the Folsom City Zoo, not to be confused with the Folsom State Prison, although both come with bars.


Quaint and relaxing, this zoo has monkeys and tigers and bears, oh my! For a few good hours, the kids were delighted with all sorts of animals, including some feral cats (the joke of the community).


You can see the mountain lions prowling or resting in the shade.


And the kids were singing, “What does the fox say?” at the fox cage, of course.


The kids enjoyed seeing the raccoons, pretending it was a bandit;


and lots of deer were grazing and finding shade in some grassland.


Wild peacocks were everywhere as well, uncaged.  The zoo was small enough for us to have a leisurely morning seeing all of the exhibits and animals without a meltdown from the kids (or the parents).

Now I understand that for some of you, this does not sound exciting at all. And it might even sound boring. But like I tell my kids, it’s only boring if you think it’s boring.  But there’s always something new to see, something new to learn, a different perspective to have. I love visiting new cities and finding some local hangout or some small random activity. It lets you people watch and be like one of the locals.

So for these city slickers, it was a fun day of seeing animals! The city library is next to the zoo too, so that’s an added plus and we were able to have a full day of learning about animals and reading books.

Is there a place you go that to the average person might seem ordinary? Tell me what you love about it! I’m dying to know!

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