JT came to me last night and wanted me to make his stuffed bunny a super hero costume. (I made this bunny for him and his classmates for Easter). So of course, I couldn’t say no. I made one for him previously but he lost it. Great for me because now I can blog about it. Felt makes everything so easy! You can make super hero costumes for any of your kids stuffies.

Mi hijo, JT, me he pedido para hacer un disfraz de super héroe para tu conejo. Es muy facile con el fieltro!


First cut a thin strip of felt to fit around the head and cut out eye holes. Corta el fieltro.


Then sew the ends together. Cose juntos los bordes.


Then cut out a cape. Corta una capa.


And sew ends together. Cose juntos los bordes.


Super Bunny to the rescue! Súper Conejo al rescate!


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