I love brooches. I don’t wear them enough, but I love collecting them. New or antique, they’re like shining stars on your shirt or sweater! But I hate to put such bling in a drawer somewhere. I want to display them for the world to see! Or at least, for me to see.

So, again, with the embroidery hoop, fabric, and thread! This is an easy and fast craft to do as well. Place your solid color fabric in your embroidery hoop. Free hand draw and cut out leaves from green fabric.  Then do an applique stitch to them onto your bigger fabric. If you don’t know how to applique, use felt and simply zigzag or blanket stitch your leaves onto your fabric.  Afterwards, stitch with green embroidery thread the stems. Then pin on your brooches.  Then you can hang it on the wall in your bedroom or living room.  Then when you want to wear one of the brooches, simply un-pin and wear.  Art and storage in one!

How do you like to store your jewelry in an artistic way??

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